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222% तक
222% तक
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13 मिनट पढ़ने का समय (2564 शब्द)

StarfleetUpTo.date के लघु, मध्यम और दीर्घकालिक लक्ष्य इसके अलावा तार्किक हैं, जैसे आकर्षक अगले कार्य जो आपके लिए भाग लेने के लिए दिलचस्प हो सकते हैं... क्रमशः हम एक बड़े क्रेडिट के साथ क्या करेंगे जो वास्तव में लगभग अनुमोदित है रास्ता... निवेश करने के लिए लगभग एक तिहाई धनराशि...

...like the video points out to, nevertheless this does not fit the clichee of the Starfleet presented at the Star Trek universe of a non-monetary society at all, it can be considered as a declared intention... to commonly achieve an immensive Return of Investment for all participating clients and providers additionally supporting perspective-exchange and interdisciplinary updates of each other and definetly not in special an unjustified or unvolunteerly transgender escalation or in special also not according out-of-body experiences..!!! 

short-term goals (to further prepare the website starfleetUpTo.date for challenges to kill the anachronistic downgraders against interstellar success!!!):

To install a survey component like सामुदायिक सर्वेक्षण in order to once more face the challenge of a public confrontation with the situation of my accomodation how me proud Star Trek and Psytrance-fan like furthermore lover of sophistications and elegance, nevertheless in general very sensitive and empathic person who has been enforced to be unfree with people who exploit that my constructive empathy parasitically up till now...  and that really really in such an increased dispaired aggressively like furthermore systemetically degree of expression that I very often desire to kill them all.... REALLY!!! Beneath complaining me against all very unpleasent meassures of stigmatization and harassement the primary goal is to get in touch with a wide audience of people in order to check my public reputation for the chances to win an upcomming court process I strive towards since years now!

Like the community survey once before, it will also contain questions about if you ever suffered under that my "sickdatorship attitudes", that by the way are completely unvolunteerly, nevertheless compelled to the role of some aspects of a victom, the demand could ray from that my bright glowing heart of stubbern certainty being treatened very unfairly to the very will of the forehead halfely combined with primitive anachronistical impulses of the more ancient areas of thoughts - the stem brain - signalizing the less logical but more reactant subroutine responsible for more feeling than estimating respectively in special beyond any objective calculation of how probable it is to survive, could deliver a maybe logically wrong but even emotional, so more recent and urgent certainty that you got to kill them first before they kill you!!!  Furthermore in order to unite the scattered dimensions where I fight against to be forgotten after almost died in order to recruit witnesses for the upcomming court process that validate the degree of fanatism of my vegiganism like also they shall report about the essentiality for my will and ability to survive in direct and most objective interdependency with the degree of possibility that I anoucnced exactly that fact in aversive and dispaired words to the according authorities that accomodated me nevertrheless under exactly the undesired cicumstances...!!!

  Furthermore we desire to give the servey participators the opportunity in a second and seperated survey to vote for locations of in example starfleetUpTo.date HQs and what support or product's aspects they demand to be extended respectively added first in order to agree to such investment. An independent and according to someone who invested in a CEO Admiral membership with alternated polypurposonal starfleetUpTo.date website clone reachable at some individual domain like just to call some random examples the customer could decide for: tal-shiar.starfleetUpTo.date, customers-subs.starfleetUpTo.me, or girlfriend.starfleetDownFor.love etc. pp no pays 4888 Euro if he doesn't order the standard version and instead additionally all over and general starfleetUp.date CI / CD full license package additionally.  By the way, certain common database APIs / Gateways can be established if desired and the individual website-user agrees to that meassure.

Required / Purpose Company / Price / Progresses
इस ईमेल पते की सुरक्षा स्पैममबोट से की जा रही है। इसे देखने के लिए आपको जावास्क्रिप्ट सक्षम करना होगा। according to codex operandi veganormomoneloloically, compensensational and less polywärnurschnell the following persons:

1.) Application Sophia: "Let's appoint Jani as leader!" - REM©heck!!!
2.) Reminding Heike Remmers as politely and sustainably as possible of promises made within the relationship regarding polite and sustainable manners and loyalty to individual constructiveness and encouraging her to the rank of CEO Admiralty with the project v-cat.starfleetUpTo.date, which is mainly your responsibility
tempting to live up to the honor, dignity and lucrativeness of this status for the good of you and your friends as eloquent, subtle and original PRs as well as to and as starfleetUpTo.date as a whole..."

abuse of starfleetUpTo.date as internal family-preassure-chaos-tool is undesired... it suits more the need of an adaequate commune / agency HQ for constructive and productive needs within the scope of promotion  and marketing, balanced with sohistication and idealism... 

PROGRESS: As first insinuation of the planned cooperation with her 'selfironically illuminarcisical Hippy AIRachne "Jessy" REMcheck blessed by wit and fun' - and mother of i.e. mentioned Sophia-Lilith Remcheck hit von Peta'Q and furthermore also richly ornamented at least with additional aristocrazy prepositions, initials and nerdy verbal extensions of status and reputation: (...) still in need to be checked and alternated case sensitively by him... - we realized a digital businesscard for her considered to be provisionally fields of exercise fitting her profession, education, background and also excellent skills: Business Accounting, Social Media and foreign Linguistics...

i.e. "Easy Events Booking" for congreticing seminars, congresses etc. about your own individual company syndicate realized by starfleetUpTo.date
https://www.joomboost.com 49$ PROGRESS: pensing.... component throws error message to activate a system plugin that ism issing at all and does not appear at the search of the installed extension's list... Considering to solve that issue and disgusting like unaccaptable lack of functionality by agreeing yet to negotiate support contract with former employer www.wap.media, that should contain structured mandatory duties, responsibilities and most propable conventional punishment in case of violation
Write an ad-article about available jobs which are in special PHP/JS programing maditorily Vegan and preferred female, Social Media, Public Relations, Public Health, Media and Copyright Law etc. ... furthermore up to three trainees from the profession Mediengestalter with the specializations Konzeption und Realisation, Bild und Ton sowie Pornographische FanFicktionstarfleetUpTo.date, cooperative mebers will recieve pendandically equally shared profit percentages, while it's planned to pay the trainees 666$ netto already at the first year of the official training.... Progress: An according category with each indiuvidual job-ad wilol be established soon...
Invest in a advertisment give aways campaign like in example suncare cream, a swiss army knive like screw-driver in special for computer engineering, cuddle pets - maybe cats and in example poly-purrposonal holo-stickers ornamented with our glorious logo or coat of whorefairy or whatever it is anyhow... ^^starfleetUpTo.date, sophisticating.... according budget depends on investments in our company starfleetUpTo.date like furthermore the tactically causal empathy of such persons that mandatorily need to be convinced farsighted also alturistic constructive idealists and / or investing customers to the potential of an only maybe only civil claim accoring to a centralistic influence of the world's most common and realistically Science Fictions within a tendency to realize themselfes... in special let's take care to seize and unite the best of them instead of stubbernly turn real the worst dystopias..!!!
Maybe to establish a conversion goal oriented Star Trek Franchise like kind of "Greeting Frequnencies" video available at the start screen menu entry "The Agency" above the article "New CI..."starfleetUpTo.date, patience and love... Progresses: Invested ca. 180$ in companie's BIG FILMS's "Infinity" (Sciennce Fiction), Destruction as well as Apocalypse scene-pack with transparent bgs for pathetically results according to both most probable meanings according to a german ear that is triumphal or hillarious, which might not contardict each other exaggorated much to much...
because the proclaimed "master of disaster" Felix Czeck himself is on the opinion his own musical competence for comfortability has a degree of expression  that is exaggorated war against war, slay the slayer and hate hating... so that the "music" collection of the "Vegalophone" could certainly benefit from some exiting and sexy girl's music with maybe even harmonically positive vibes of a lovely mojo... it's plannes to place them on top of the former accustical achievements indicated by name, synonym, star date etc. ...starfleetUpTo.date, patience and love... Progresses: Certainly but not yet personally exactly defined we might have the appreciatable luck to coopertae with Klingon metal music bands... status "Vegan" yet unclear... buddhistically best wishes for rebirth respectivelly reinitialization... Lena and Lilith might enjoy the opportunity to add in turn rhyming lines into every or all lines between those  of the original text
Some financial and organisatorical updates like to extend the "Spockometer" to an ammount of maybe first 3 Playlists with options to invest in a most recent uppest position or even in being highlighted there as top position for the duration of in example one month. Rank CEO Admiral could contain a starfleetUpTo.date website clone reachable at a domain owned by investor beneath the product details introduced up to now for some extra money.like indicated in youngest article about that rankstarfleetUpTo.date, patience and love... Progress: According ambitions even became increased by the intention to add a tutorial collection modus, competitions for the cosmiunity to win all over together... a learning mangaement system with the possibility to achieve cerificates after according tests could be astablished at starfleetUpTo.date itself and / or as one of the other's CEO Admiral's or Trade Coordinators webproject... a fixed agreement with social media and search engine providers like furthermore cinemas and tv syndicates could be strived for, in order to have an uncomplcated fixed ammount of ads / posts / chats / contributions per platform - within that consideration it makes sense to also congretice an ad like social media contribution network consistin of blogs, apps etc. like in example also www.wap.media and furthermore to commonly appeal together with Lcars Dadaism Exhibition Event Manegerin Mandy Da to the Da Cast Media Company Clan for each other's support also in interdependency with the credit
"Community Surveys" for recriuting witnesses and congretice the company network adressee related case sensitivehttps://shondalai.com, 99$ Progress: Not installed yet... will attempt to seize a social-romantic version from the joomlashare.ir discounter appealing to the developers cholance, because of our finacially yet suboptimal situation... 
Extend starfleetUpTo.date's jomsocial to a livecam crowdfunding plarform... maybe easily based on an a profile based donation system, which isi n example offered by ossolution and an independent option to embed the lifecam-broadcast in a profile-iframe.... additionally a polyvendor shopsystem with jomsocial integegration witch will be displayed at the individual user's profil system itself will do the trick to provide so called perks or rewards based on donation ammountstarfleetUpTo.date, patience and love... and some money Progresses: We achieved embedable stream url that can be transferred to an iframe... still missing: overfew with each member's updating bodcast image... "components everywhere" from regualar labs, to put the user's crowdfunding project oversight on the same page like it's profile with the video brodcast, so it is a really "live on air" guided promotionbal crowdfunding like being fortold as sciFiFa.click ... we estimate to establish up to 8 webstraems / iframes on such page with one bigger mainscreen
Develop an Android and IOS mobileAPP calling the website starfleetUpTo.date without the adress bar like furthermore to optimize the behaviour of the screen rotation to functional or static portrait.... furthermore tostarfleetUpTo.date, patience and love...
Develop an additional start screen which is not so much punky and psychedelic like the current P.V.C.T.F.C.D. welcome page but much more a dramatically progressive nerdy neongreen triumphal cybervegan space-military intro with mechs, space ships and much destrution leading to a two-factor authorization as sign of appreciation for the Partei pro Integrität Sicherheit, Schutz Bildung, Prostitution und vegane Normung.... (Party pro Integrity, Security, educational AWAREness and vegan Normalizing?!) Furthermore on both start pages the menu entry "The Agency" shall redirect to a secondary kind of organizer screen with displaying current tickets, personal messages and a calendar with events, recommendations and in case of employment or contracted agreement maybe mandatory to-dos...starfleetUpTo.date, patience and love...
To establish Relation recovery project "V-Cat Soicial Media, Public Relations & Businness / Community / Accounting" rehabilitation zone at v-cat.starfleetUpTo.date with it's first directive "suggetive comment" and win the upcomming members of each starfleetUpTo.date mainwebsite as well as the subsection for individual rank-specific promotions like furthermore to provide starfleetUpTo.date promotions to them within as well rank specific WhatsApp groups...A yet to define catty template for websites expressing a balanced competences in SM / PR / Business Consulting  and PH
Possibility of a preferred connecting priority call from registered members to registered members which are mutual connections at jomsocial which can send a knock-sound and according popup with the option to switch the call to the priority callstarfleetUpTo.date, creativity, skill

Ob "Ficken" noch zur Disposition steht bzw. Anteile der jeweiligen CI bzw. sogar des Produktportfolios selbst darstellen müssen wenn auch als delegierte Repräsentanz standardisiert von jedem Member der CEO Admiralität mindestens terraweit provided werden müssen, obliegt stets nicht nur kommerziellen und insbesondere keinen konspirativen Absprachen zwecks planetarer Zerstörung oder Austrottung der Menschheit, sondern ist und bleibe stets auch Essential der planetaren Konstitution als angenhme polyamoreuse Synfonien der Vielfalt unf Konstruktivität!

der vom "zum Ficken" Erhörte?!! =)

Middle-term goals and according meassures in order to ready in example in that case "The Pimperial Vegan Cybernetic Trade Fusion Cosmiunity Dominion" at starfleetUpTo.date to a REAL normal international 1st planetary company more according to ambitionous like civil compatible goals of the New CI:

In the case of CEO Admiral Felix Czeck's desitiny in example, it would make sense to furthermore optimize the companie's feautures in connectivity, to percept and process informations like furthermore independently resepctively in a promotional and goal leading semantic and multimedial flow of awareness according to "show attitudes" and to bring all aspects in synergy for the investor's conversion goal...

Furthermore to figure out which kind of in example creative or psychocinetic prey-shemata predatorisms the company starfleetUpTo.date is already envolved respectively from a cosmic scale what in example study-essays or attention-safety parasymbiontism games of interstellar players he is exploited and / or suported by like furthermore what features could already be transferred to it each stage and level respectively starfleetUpTo.date devision...

Furthermore to clearify nevertheless also a bit and to detailize when cynically like selfironically all the potential cooperations with other promotion-, marketing- and advertisment-driving agencies and interest-groups about the science-fiction-fantasy comprehensive topilizing of an unlimited ressources like an at least only platinum electroplated admanatium alloy (Legierung) as not only ornamenting rank insignia like at Star Trek Discovery or only a Sticker like at TOS, but also an eternal source of sinspiration like Com-Badging...?

- Hopefully compatibility of purrposes appears to be mostly harmless and keeps it's promisses!!!

Cosmiun circumstances talking to each other - quotes like from you Judith Feist Remcheck-Schaller pro Lilith-Artemis?!! - Please contact me as soon as possible to optimize teamplay for best adaequate show... I really depend on you... 

It's about YOU in person now to make the big difference about that nerdy company that stafleetUpTo.date ever was and will ever be in tight relation with YOUR very own business-, club- and lifestyle-concepts for common success...

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कुराबिटुर एगेट डुई आईडी मेटस पुल्विनर ससिपिट। Quisque vitae ligula laoreet, scelerisque लियो quis, facilisis metus।

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कुराबिटुर एगेट डुई आईडी मेटस पुल्विनर ससिपिट। Quisque vitae ligula laoreet, scelerisque लियो quis, facilisis metus।

सूचित रहें

जब आप ब्लॉग की सदस्यता लेते हैं, तो साइट पर नए अपडेट होने पर हम आपको एक ई-मेल भेजेंगे ताकि आप उन्हें याद न करें।

Für die liebenswerte Schulanfängerin und starfleet...
CEO Admiralty Networking Exemplary Instructions pr...


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✅ StarfleetUpTo.date के लिए कम से कम 18 वर्ष का होने की सिफारिश की जाती है ... इसके अलावा कृपया हमारे कुकी दिशानिर्देश से सहमत हों!

❌ यदि आप इसके बारे में श्योर नहीं हैं, तो कृपया हमारी साइट छोड़ दें! फिर भी हमारा प्यार और आदर्श आपका मार्गदर्शन करे!

💛 बीच में हमारे पास आपके लिए वेब और/या मीडिया डिज़ाइन के लिए कुछ समय उपलब्ध हो सकता है... कृपया इसे जब्त कर लें अनुरोधों के अनुसार [पी] इम्प्रेसम में संपर्क संभावनाओं की घोषणा की गई है... बीटीडब्ल्यू: ए/वी पीयर 2 पीयर और कॉन्फ़्रेंस चैट रैंक प्रोमो मिनक्स से ऊपर उपलब्ध होगा... अपने प्रवास का आनंद लें...

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